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Welcome to imago

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Project implementation and design, oriented towards companies needs.


Tests carried out at a device or system levels.


From prototyping up to the end production.


We provide consulting and training services.


We plan and design several projects suited to the needs of businesses, industries and domestic customers in the electronics, lighting, power, audio, automation, control and telecommunications areas.

We also design and review electrical schematics and printed circuit boards according to the rules for each application (analog / electronic signal or digital, power and radio frequency).

Poweren also executes resizing, design and prototyping of magnetic components such as transformers and chokes for filtering, converters and other applications. We produce mechanical components and also develop firmware and software as well.




Testing is the most rigorous and time consuming task of the entire development process. Success or failure of a product depends on it and therefore it requires the utmost care and attention.

Usually it involves getting to know the specifications of a product, confirmation on whether required specifications are met, optimization in cost reduction and ease of debugging in cases where it is necessary to detect and correct errors.

Tests can be performed at device or system levels and can be performed on site for a more efficient response. These can also be made in external laboratories when needed. We always issue a detailed report with all tests results.


The production process comprise the assembly of prototypes such as printed circuit boards and magnetic or mechanical components, pre-production for validation and end production.

Production can be determined according with some characteristics like mixed batch, can be defined a test plan and optimized the process. Can also be performed the end tests and packaging.

Based on production test results, it is possible to perform a statistical analysis to validate the development process and check the product specifications




In addition to a wide range of services for project and development support, Poweren has also the ability and experience to provide consulting advice in the most various electronics areas, energy, lighting, audio, home automation and telecommunications.

Poweren has specialization in power electronics, design and analysis of schematic and layout of printed circuit boards, thermal management, EMI / EMC filtering and protection, electrical safety and certification.

We also provide training in electronics, energy, telecommunications and installation, maintenance and repair services.

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