Lighting of Oliva Exhibition

Lighting of Oliva Exhibition at 8ª Avenida Shopping Center

The requirements for this project included the showcase lighting of an exhibition dedicated to the former Oliva’s factory, currently functioning as a business center in São João da Madeira – Oliva Creative Factory. The target effect was the lateral lighting of the white acrylic structure with partial lighting incidence in the exhibited objects.

The most suitable solution to this project, which allowed the best compromise between the interior lighting and lateral projection, was the use of individual orientable spotlights. Thus, 2W mini projectors with narrow opening optics were developed to reduce the light dispersion even in the higher towers.

Besides, as it was requested some kind of contrast and highlight for one of the columns of the exhibition, it was applied a red lighting on that one while in the others it was applied a white constant ambient lighting interleaved with red projectors activated by PIR detectors. Poweren was also responsible by the execution of all electric installation of the exhibition.